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Creative Image Studio has over 30 years of experience teaching students how to paint beautifully. Our structured program is designed to help you succeed in your new hobby, with weekly art classes that are both enjoyable and informative.

Unlike other art classes in Dorset, we focus on the fun and creativity of painting, rather than just fine art techniques. Our program covers a variety of painting styles and techniques, from fabric painting to craft painting and painting on canvas.

If you’re looking for a new hobby or art class, our Dorset craft painting classes at Creative Image Studio are the perfect choice for you.

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What we do

Discover the world of painting at Creative Image Studio, where we offer weekly art classes in Dorchester for adults of all ages and skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist, our classes are designed to cater to your needs. No prior experience, creativity, or drawing ability is necessary to join us.

Our step-by-step painting classes aim to teach students the basics and help them become skilled painters. We believe that art extends beyond canvas, so we provide instruction on painting various material items such as tablecloths, ceramics, bags, cushions, and wooden objects. This approach adds variety and keeps students engaged.

Our fine art painting program follows a progressive structure, starting with foundational skills and gradually advancing to more challenging techniques. Emphasis is placed on mastering brush control, technique, and the use of color.

At Creative Image Studio, we prioritize creating a relaxed, enjoyable environment for our students. Our classes offer a calm and safe space where students can unwind, make new friends, and discover the joys of painting. We encourage students to challenge themselves without placing undue pressure. With practice, progress is made, confidence grows, and beautiful paintings are created. Join us at Creative Image Studio and let your artistic journey unfold.

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Where we came from

Creative Image Art Painting Studios is an established franchise that originated from South Africa, with over 30 years of experience in successful teaching and trading. The program is aimed at people from various walks of life, age groups and gender who are looking for a creative outlet and escape from everyday life. Art as therapy is effective in helping people manage stress, anxiety and trauma. Our art studios offer a safe and calming environment where people can release their stress, make friends, and create beautiful art pieces.

The UK master franchise holder is Tyra Nozaic Goosen, a formally accredited BA (Fine Art) Hons graduate from the University of Pretoria. With her passion for helping people, Tyra aims to create a happy and safe place for students to come to each week. She encourages students to be patient and to practice as she believes that everyone can become a beautiful painter. Her bubbly personality and sense of humor make Tyra easy to get along with, even for the most reserved of people. You’ll feel welcomed and comfortable in no time when you visit her studio.

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Made in South Africa

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