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Creative Image Studio offers on-going weekly craft painting lessons aimed at anyone and everyone. No experience, creativity or drawing ability is needed to join and thrive in our classes. Our structured program has been developed in a step by step way to build your painting skills from the ground up making you feel confident in your new skill.  Our art lessons are perfect for beginners from aged 16 and up. 

Everyone starts at the beginning of the program no matter their skill levels and work through the projects.  This is to ensure that you have the skills needed later on for the more advance stages.  But do not worry!  Even a good painter will not get bored and you are sure to have lots of fun! 

For the new painters you are going to learn how to paint and although it may seem scary at first you will learn and grow into a good painter.  The main thing is you are going to have a fulfilling hobby, have fun and make new friends as you go! 

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First Class Is FREE

Not sure if painting classes is the right hobby for you?  Scared you will not be able to do it?  Do not be!  Creative Image Studio is for everyone!  We understand that you may want to try a painting lesson before you sign up to our monthly painting classes, which is why your first lesson for you AND a friend is FREE.  There is no pressure to join our weekly art classes, we just want you to see how fun they are!

Frequently Asked Questions

Click on the drop down questions to get the answers.  If there is something that you need to know that is not here, pop us an email or give us a call on +2782 8556268.  UK number coming soon!

Yes!  Join us for the first class free and bring a friend.  Contact us to see when we have classes available so we can accommodate you.

Classes cost £120 for 1 x class per week.  Classes happen on the same day and time each week

All months will be invoiced and payment is required regardless if there are holidays or if you are going away.  The teacher will always make up for the lessons lost.  To keep your place in your class you need to pay your monthly fee.  We close for the Summer holidays as well as 2 weeks over Christmas and New Year.  

Electronic Transfer is preferred, alternatively you can pay cash.  Payments are due one month in advance on the 1st of the month.  If payment has not been made before your first lesson of the month you will not be able to attend.  We do offer a debit order service if you prefer this method.  Let us know and we will send through the debit order form.

You do not have to sign a contract.  We realise that finances change and you might not enjoy the class.  If this is the case, we require one month notice please.

To benefit from art classes you need to attend regularly.  Our program starts with the basics and build up your technique as you go along.  It is therefore not beneficial to attend the first class only.

We have various classes available.  Contact us to see where we have a spot for you and we will do our best to accommodate your schedule too.

A class can have up to 12 students in it at various levels in the program.  You do not have to worry about starting as a beginner as the teacher gives each and every student assistance based on where they are in there lessons.

No, we teach to a set program that teaches you how to paint using the Creative Image paint onto various different surfaces.  Everyone starts at the beginning and works through the classes.  There is something new to learn every week and you will still find the classes useful and have fun.

All paint for the class is supplied to you, however you need to purchase a set of brushes from Creative Image Studio after your first month with us. This will be on your invoice.  

No.  We use the Creative Image Studio brand of paints that have been specifically formulated to work on various surfaces.  You will love working with our paint!

We start out by working on pieces of fabric, from there the program move along and you will work on pillow cases, aprons, bags, key holders ceramics, canvas and wood.    We keep the classes interesting by changing the surface that you paint on.  You will paint on many different things as you go along.

We do not allow students to work on materials not bought from our stock range. Part of our income is based on the sales we make from our stock.  

We work to a well structured program and each class teaches you a specific technique that you will need later on, so unfortunately you will have to do the class in order to proceed to the next one.  Remember you can always give the item you are painting to someone as a gift.  

We only provide the paint during the class.  If we are just practicing on fabric, then this will be supplied to you.  However all other blank items need to be purchased from the studio.  You will be given the price of the item 2 weeks before each new project so that you can budget for it.

Your paint brushes.  

Tea, coffee and water will be provided.  A cake register is created for each class and students take turns bringing something for tea time.


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