Not just another painting class or paint night

With over 30 years experience in teaching students to paint, Creative Image Studio is not just another craft painting class or paint night in the Dorchester area.  We are about teaching people how to paint beautifully in weekly art classes and to have fun while doing it. We are not a once-off art lesson, but a structured program that will help you succeed at your new hobby. From fabric paining to craft painting and then painting on canvas. Dorchester craft painting classes at Creative Image Studio are the way to go if you are looking for a new craft lesson or hobby. 

Painting Classes

What we do

Creative Image Studio offers weekly painting lessons in the Dorchester area aimed at adults.

No experience, creativity or drawing ability is needed to join our painting classes. Our step-by-step painting classes allows students to learn the basics & become beautiful painters.

Learn to fabric paint as well as paint on canvas, wood & ceramic items like: Bags, aprons, tablecloths, plates etc. Our students never get bored!

Painting is supposed to be relaxing and fun. Our step-by-step painting classes in Dorchester lead to beautiful painters being created. The environment is calm, safe and fun. We do not put pressure on our students, however we do push them to challenge themselves. Practice makes progress and progress builds confidence. Creative Image Studio builds confident painters while giving them a space to make new friends, relax and enjoy life.

The Company

Who we are

Creative Image Art Painting Studios is a South African born franchise with over 30 years of successful trading in South Africa and Mauritius.  The founders took fine art principles and created a fine art painting programme aimed at various walks of life, age groups and gender.  The program is designed for the woman or man on the street who is looking for a creative outlet and escape from everyday life.  Art as a therapy is effective in helping people manage stress, anxiety and trauma and our art studios will create a safe and calming environment where people can come and release their stress while making friends in the process and creating beautiful pieces of art.


The fine art painting program is a step-by-step process that starts off teaching students the foundation skills and gradually builds up their skill set, getting harder and harder as they progress.   There is a strong emphasis on technique and brush control as well as the use of colour.


The program is based on weekly painting lessons with achievable goals that help to build the students confidence and ultimately to obtain a level of excellence in art.  Art does not only have to be done on canvas to be called art, which is why students are taught to paint on various material items such as tablecloths, ceramics, bags, cushions, and wooden items. The use of various items instead of just canvas adds variety for the students and maintains their interest. 



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