Meet the Instructors – Passionate Artists and Skilled Teachers

Welcome back to our Acrylic Painting Blog Series at Creative Image Studio! This week, we’re thrilled to introduce you to the inspiring individuals at the heart of our artistic journey. While the founders, Lesley and Ray Hogg, have passed on the baton to Dale Nozaic, the commitment to creativity and expertise remains steadfast.

The Legacy Continues: Creative Image Studio in South Africa

Lesley and Ray Hogg – Founders and Visionaries

Lesley and Ray Hogg, the original founders of Creative Image Studio in South Africa, laid the foundation for a community of artists and enthusiasts. While they have passed on the reins to Dale Nozaic, Lesley’s artistic touch is still very much alive. Lesley continues to develop captivating patterns and projects, ensuring that the essence of Creative Image Studio remains rooted in creativity and expertise.

Dale Nozaic – Continuing the Journey

Dale Nozaic, the new custodian of Creative Image Studio, brings fresh energy and a commitment to maintaining the studio’s legacy. With a seamless transition, Dale ensures that the studio continues to thrive as a hub of artistic exploration. The expertise and passion instilled by Lesley and Ray continue to be the guiding force.

Expanding Horizons: Over 18 Studios Nationwide in South Africa

Under Dale’s stewardship, Creative Image Studio has expanded its footprint, with over 18 studios now scattered across South Africa. This growth signifies the studio’s impact, reaching artists and art enthusiasts far and wide. The commitment to providing a space for creative expression remains at the core of each studio.

A Global Vision: Tyra Goosen in the UK

Tyra Goosen – Studio Manager and Head Instructor (UK)

Taking the vision of Creative Image Studio beyond borders, Tyra Goosen purchased the master franchise for the UK. As the Studio Manager and Head Instructor, Tyra is the driving force behind the UK branch. Her passion for creating a welcoming space for people to learn acrylic painting shines through in every brushstroke. Tyra’s dedication to fostering creativity, combined with her infectious enthusiasm, makes her a valuable leader within the Creative Image Studio family.

Join Tyra in Unleashing Your Creativity

Tyra is more than an instructor; she is a creative mentor dedicated to making the process of learning how to paint in acrylic both enjoyable and enriching. Her hands-on approach and commitment to a fun learning environment set the stage for a memorable artistic journey.

Stay tuned for the upcoming weeks as we explore acrylic painting techniques, share success stories, and delve into the therapeutic benefits of this incredible art form. If you’re in the UK or South Africa and ready to embrace the joy of acrylic painting, join Tyra at Creative Image Studio. Your artistic adventure awaits, and Tyra is here to guide you every step of the way!

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