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Creative Image Art Painting Studios is a South African born franchise with over 30 years of successful trading in South Africa and Mauritius.  The founders took fine art principles and created a fine art painting programme aimed at various walks of life, age groups and gender.  The program is designed for the woman or man on the street who is looking for a creative outlet and escape from everyday life.  Art as a therapy is effective in helping people manage stress, anxiety and trauma and our art studios will create a safe and calming environment where people can come and release their stress while making friends in the process and creating beautiful pieces of art.

The fine art painting program is a step-by-step process that starts off teaching students the foundation skills and gradually builds up their skill set, getting harder and harder as they progress.   There is a strong emphasis on technique and brush control as well as the use of colour.

The program is based on weekly painting lessons with achievable goals that help to build the students confidence and ultimately to obtain a level of excellence in art.  Art does not only have to be done on canvas to be called art, which is why students are taught to paint on various material items such as tablecloths, ceramics, bags, cushions, and wooden items. The use of various items instead of just canvas makes the business more sustainable as well as adds variety for the students and maintains their interest. 

The Creative Image Studio is a unique art teaching concept for the man on the street.  Anyone can learn to paint based on the well-structured lesson plan.  Each lesson is meticulously prepared with the emphasis on style and professional appearance, to take craft painting far beyond the normal realms of the art.  All lessons are tried and tested, and the instructions are both easy for the teacher to teach as well as the student to execute.  With over 30 years of templates and lessons, the founders are still developing new templates and designs based on current market and creative trends. 

When a student joins the studio, they almost become a student for life with some current students still coming for over 20 years. The environment and the sense of achievement that a student feels after completing a painting project successfully, keeps students coming back week after week and year after year.  One of the students in South Africa even said to the founders “you have given me a reason to live again”.  This is a powerful statement and makes it clear how much people need this outlet and how art is a form of therapy. 

Creative Image Studio makes fine art painting achievable, fun as well as therapeutic in a structured and well-managed way.  The studio wants people to experience the therapeutic benefit from creating art especially in these stressful times that we live in.  No matter who you are or where you come from or what you have been through, weekly lessons will have a positive impact on your life.

One studio cannot cater to the whole of the UK market of over 7 million crafters, which is why the first Creative Image Studio is the flag ship studio and will be the sole franchise seller within the UK.  South Africa has 17 franchises throughout the country.  South Africa’s target audience is much smaller than the UKs and yet they have 17 franchises.  This means that there is an opportunity for the UK Creative Image Studio to at least double these figures.

Creative Image Studio professionally structures and manages the world of fine art painting lessons for the layman in a way that can inspire many artists.  The program is a true work of art itself produced by a talented and highly skilled artist.   The flag ship studio as well as the franchise opportunities for others is sure to be success in the UK.

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