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Who we are

Creative Image Studio offers on-going weekly acrylic painting lessons aimed at anyone and everyone. No experience, creativity or drawing ability need to join and thrive in our classes. Our structured program has been developed in a step by step way to build your painting skills from the ground up making you feel confident in your new skill.  Our art lessons are perfect for beginners from aged 16 and up.

Art as a therapy is effective in helping manage stress, anxiety, and trauma. Creative Image Studio offers a safe, relaxed, and fun environment where adults of all ages can be themselves. Not only do our students develop a new skill but they have fun and make friends while doing it.

Our trusted painting program has been taught for over 30 years and focuses on using our specially developed acrylic paint medium. Students will learn to paint on varied materials such as canvas, wood, fabric and even ceramic.  We vary the items that we paint on to include items such as bags, aprons, tablecloths, planters, plates and so much more so that our students never get bored of just painting on a flat canvas.

How our lessons work

Creative Image Studio offers on-going weekly painting lessons based on a monthly fee. This means that for a small monthly fee you get to attend our studio once a week on the same day and time month after month. The monthly fee includes the use of our paints however you will need to buy the item that you will be painting on from the studio. The art project will be specified ahead of time for you to budget for it. Please bear in mind that we have your budget in mind and all our items are carefully costed for your new hobby to be affordable and sustainable.  We want our students to stay for years, not just weeks which is why we have ensured that we are affordable.

The Creative Image Studio is a unique art teaching concept where anyone can learn to paint based on our well-structured lesson plan. Each lesson is carefully prepared with the emphasis on style and professional appearance, to take craft painting to the next level. All lessons have been tried and tested, and the instructions are both easy to follow with beautiful, achievable artworks.

What paint we use

Creative Image Studios has developed the teaching lessons around acrylic paint as acrylic paints dry quickly.  The acrylic paint that we use has been specifically formulated to work on multiple mediums, making it a multi-purpose acrylic paint.  Our paint can be used for fabric painting through to fine art on canvas.  It washes well and is long lasting and fade resistant.  Paint brushes come clean by using soap and water.  We have a huge range of colors so that color mixing is kept to a minimum making it easier for our student to focus on the techniques rather than trying to get consistency in colors.

When students join our studios, they come thinking they will stay for a month or two and end up staying for years. Many of our studios have students that have been there for over 15 years! The environment and experience in a Creative Image Studio create an escape from everyday life and allows our students to relax and create beautiful works of art that they never thought they could. Join the Creative Image Studio family today.

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